365 Project – Week 10

May 17, 2015


365_L (64)

Early morning school run with Akiva and Linnea both snug in our incredible Bugaboo (the stroller is eleven years old and still works well).


365_A (65)

Back in the Bugaboo later in the day.


365_A (64)

Lounging with the ladies after a leisurely stroll down to the benches in front of the U.S. Botanic Garden (nope, we didn’t make it in this time).  R is also the third baby in her family, born just three days after A & L, and she makes a delightful companion for coffee or a long walk.  She also has some pretty impressive facial expressions.


365_L (65)

Milk for breakfast is the best.


365_L (66)



365_A (66)

Such a grin.


365_A (67)

Matching diapers, slightly distracted babies.


365_L (67)

Ah yes, perhaps this explains the distracted look.


365_A (68)

The reading corner at the Building Museum, one of our favorite Friday afternoon adventures with school friends (photo credit largely thanks to Cheryl who is expert at both snuggling babies and eliciting smiles)


365_L (68)

Lounging upstairs in the Building Museum.  Thankfully not a very busy day at the museum as this room can get quite hazardous to a small immobile person.


365_L (69)

Just another day in the city.  Dropped by a certain large light-colored house not all that far away from ours for a private tour by the Dada.


365_A (69)

And of course stopped to nurse in EOB.  Talia and Milo were entirely unimpressed with the tour but thoroughly wowed by the myriad of delightful offerings in the snack machines in EOB.  They have obviously requested a return visit to the snack machines in the near future.


365_L (70)

Grandpa David came to visit!


365_A (70)

So of course Lynn and Gerry drove in to say hi to Grandpa and get a few baby snuggles in.

Oh my, seems like we’re a few weeks behind

March 10, 2015

but never fear we’ve been steadfastly taking a photo day and they will be posted here in very short succession.  Comments may be added later because I really want to get these photos up.  With no further ado, Week 9.

And it looks like we’re starting with a bit of a cheat.  Long car drives can do that to you.


365_A (57)

One more Brooklyn photo, this time with Asher.  To many more bagel brunches with this crew.


365_L (58)

Home again and back to lounging on the couch in the late afternoon sun.  Skeptically, of course.


365_A (58)

Brother love.  And choking hazards.


365_L (59)

The skeptics.


365_A (59)

Some afternoons are like this.  Luckily the babies do not seem to have so much noticed that their constant companion has emotions yet.


365_A (60)

Naptime on the couch (with close supervision, of course).


365_L (60)

Cheryl snuggles during a trial Tae Kwon Do class.  We’ll be postponing starting Tae Kwon Do for now, but good to know it’s in the neighborhood.  In the meantime, found a lovely brick wall.


365_L (61)

That look.  Wearing Fabindia from head to toe of course.


365_A (61)

And a different variant on the same look.  They really were having a great time before I grabbed the camera.


365_A (62)

We headed down to Yards Park for a lovely picnic complete with good friends, mozzarella sandwiches, kale chips and fancy sodas.


365_L (62)

And finished the evening dashing for cover as an incredible thunderstorm descended on the city.  Luckily we found refuge in a local ice cream shop but even the trek to get the car from a few blocks away was pretty hair-raising.  At least we took a moment to snap a quick photo with small baby and ominous storm clouds before we left the exposed pool and the river promenade.


365_L (63)

Henry commented that our trip to the Phillips Gallery was not quite as relaxing as he’d hoped.  But the point is that we take for granted that we can take four children to a small, quiet art collection and have a pleasant afternoon.


365_A (63)

Akiva and adoring siblings on the walk to the Phillips Gallery.

365 Project – Week 8

November 5, 2014


365_A (50)

The Aunties are here! They drove down to Long Island to (finally) get some snuggles.


365_L (50)

Two aunties, two babies. And with one Stephanie along for the trip we were finally up to a reasonable adult to child ratio for vacation.


365_A (51)

Nainai rarely sets down a sleeping baby. And of course they quite appreciate that.


365_L (51)

Nadine has plenty of practice getting little people to sleep. Linnea is wearing Talia’s original watermelon dress as featured in her first trip to California circa 2009.


365_A (52)

Akiva rocked his tie dye onesie at the pool. Unfortunately he was not allowed into the water yet.


365_L (52)

Linnea survives Talia and Milo’s affection.


365_L (53)

The very day after Nadine and Terry headed North, Aunt Karin hopped on a boat South to meet the babies. Lots of snuggles, two new handknit blankets, one trip to Friendly’s and one trip to the pool later, and we had to sadly return her to the ferry dock.


365_A (53)

Tired, tired Akiva after all of our travels and visitors.


365_A (54)

Lots and lots of Yeye and Nainai snuggles.


365_L (54)

Linnea sometimes looks a tad skeptical/unimpressed with those around her. No idea who she might get that from …


365_A (55)

Not bad for all four children in one photo frame …


365_L (55)

The best part of this photo is the moment after it was taken when Milo was (presumably temporarily) distracted by something and rolled Linnea face first into the grass. He exclaimed “oh baby oh baby” and proceeded to run off.


365_L (56)

First trip to Brooklyn and a delightful bagel brunch with good friends. Then we attempted to line up all six children for a photo. Asher exited immediately (very mobile, too young to bribe) but the remaining five hung around for enough time to snap a photo.


365_A (56)

And then Talia and Milo took off and Akiva fell fast asleep surrounded by two of his favorite lady friends: Linnea and Elia (just about 4 weeks younger than A and L). Needless to say we will attempt to recreate this photo (perhaps with Asher?) in future visits.

365 Project – Week 7

October 20, 2014


365_A (43) (1)

What to do when it is almost midnight and you have yet to take a photo of the day?


365_L (43)

Some people might be a tad skeptical of the 11:30 pm photo of the day.


365_L (44)

Less than a week after we saw Diane in Durham, she was back in DC and came over to help in the morning.


365_A (44)

And this photo may explain why we do not always get a lot of things accomplished during the day. This is moments after I confiscated both a wooden sword and a butterfly net from Milo. Safety first he often says.


365_L (45)

A visit to our local park in the late afternoon.


365_A (45)

Grumpy Akiva does not realize that Bri has come to help us through dinner and bedtime. And that she is fabulous at both.


365_A (46)

Nothing more relaxing than an afternoon at the pool with good friends. Seven kids, two tired mamas. The friendly woman who noted that we need not put the babies to nap on a towel under the table because there was plenty of shade on the other side of the pool had no idea that the babies were under the table to minimize their chance of being stepped on by enthusiastic older siblings. As you can see, the love can be effusive.


365_L (47)

Proud member of the B & O Train Museum in Baltimore. Our usual stop on our way North to visit Yeye and Nainai.


365_A (47)

Learning all about vintage train cars at the B & O Museum.


365_A (48)

We all survived the drive to Long Island!


365_L (48)

Obviously we picked this photo because of the small well-dressed man carrying a water gun in the background.


365_A (49)

The steps of the Port Jefferson public library. Who knew it was closed on Sundays in the summer?



Posing on the steps of the Port Jefferson library. Luckily there is excellent coffee directly across the street.

365 Project – Week 6

October 13, 2014

We left off at the end of Week 5 enjoying lunch at Guglhupf (don’t worry, there will be plenty more Guglhupf photos in the upcoming weeks) and we were lucky enough to spend the rest of the week in Durham. Talia and Milo went to a local Montessori camp and we mastered the art of bringing all 4 kids to the pool. With no further ado a week in NC:


365_A (36) (1)

Liz meets Akiva for the very first time at Bull City Craft. Liz came up to visit when I was about 38 weeks pregnant and for a good part of her visit I was quite convinced that the timing was perfect and I was in labor. Unfortunately it was not to be that weekend and thus Liz had to wait more than another full month to meet this guy.


365_L (36) (1)

Linnea cat naps while Talia worked on an important paint project. Thankfully the art store was empty except for us and Liz’s charges.


365_L (37) (1)

Lounging around at Grandma’s house.


365_A (37) (1)

Yet another delicious Guglhupf lunch. Milo was probably already in the fountain by this point.


365_A (38) (2)

Of note, this was Akiva’s first trip to the Cupcake Bar in downtown Durham. Not only are these my favorite cupcakes in the world, but the store has great light all day.


365_L (38) (1)

Napping at the Cupcake Bar can be quite exhausting. Here Linnea wakes from another hearty snooze.


365_A (39) (1)

The sun-dappled porch is gorgeous but always a challenge to photograph.


365_L (39) (1)

Possibly not the best photo of all of the kids, but still quite pleased that we managed a relaxed lunch at Elmos.


365_A (40) (2)

Milo is quite attached to his brother. He has big plans for Akiva when he gets just a tad older.


365_L (40) (1)

Okay, so possibly you’ll have to trust us that this is a photo of Linnea enjoying a lovely poolside nap thanks to Dale’s magical baby-lulling skills. But we were all thankful that Dale was there to help. And if you are wondering how you take 4 children to the pool … really nothing to it. Just remember to pack light.



365_L (41) (1)

On Saturday we headed North to meet Henry in Richmond but it quickly became apparent that we needed a long break from driving. So Linnea finally got to spend some time exploring the wonder of prisms and light at the Virginia Science Museum.


365_A (41) (2)

And Akiva got a taste of the finer things of life when we spontaneously decided to call it a day and crash overnight in Richmond.


365_A (42)

Obviously Akiva felt much better after a good night’s sleep.


365_L (42) (1)

And Linnea enjoyed the atmosphere at a local, farm fresh brunch place near the hotel even if she could not eat anything.

365 Project – Week 5

August 28, 2014

The babies turned 5 weeks old and you know what that means … road trip! The sad thing is that our 3 pm departure and 1:30 am arrival really was no more than half the fault of Akiva and Linnea. There was a brief delay while we double parked in front of the World Bank because someone forgot a last minute commitment at work, the endless I-95 traffic, a sad fast food break for some followed by a spontaneous and lovely 10 pm dinner for others … followed by another nursing stop … but first the rest of the week.


365_L (29)

A visit to Lynn. Complete with chalk in the courtyard, trains, and of course a visit to that really nice restaurant where Gerry works.



A leisurely stroll after dinner.

365_A (29)

And a photo which did not quite make the cut.


365_L (30)

Busy day.


365_A (30)

Busy day.


365_L (31)

First Wednesday Night Dinner with nine children. We are lucky enough to have two families who rotate cooking and hosting dinner every Wednesday night. Pre-July we were three moms and seven children (including one set of identical twins), the oldest of whom was Talia. Now there are nine but it really seemed no more chaotic than before.


365_A (31)

This is the very same house where we held the bris, and we may well break in to take photos more frequently. A lovely backyard with excellent light.



First trip to Wolf Trap and first modern dance performance. We saw Paul Taylor II at the children’s theater in the woods. Thankfully Bri agreed to join us, and we even swung by the pool after a picnic to cool off.


365_A (32)

Akiva and Linnea were on their best behavior during the performance.


And a smiling Talia at the theater.


365_L (33)

Linnea in the morning.


365_A (33)

Both babies spend quite a bit of time contemplating the undersea scene in the swing. Usually Akiva is not a fan, but on this morning he seemed okay to lounge for a few minutes.


365_A (34)

A lovely sushi dinner at 10 pm with four very well-behaved children.


Which ended with the very sad realization that we really are a tad too recognizable at the moment to get away with dinner at the same restaurant the following weekend on our trek North. True story: while grabbing lunch in Durham the woman behind me in line turns to me and says “But where is the toddler boy?” I politely inquire whether we’ve met, and she responds no, but I was a few people behind you in line getting coffee two days ago …


365_L (34)

Some road trips include emergency diaper changes on the front seat. In shady garages.


365_A (35)

Despite loud pleas from Talia and Milo, we did in fact refrain from letting Akiva put his toes into the fountain at Guglhupf.

365_L (35)

Linnea also managed to stay dry. Not so much the big siblings.



Six years and some change ago we took wedding photos a few hundred yards over from this pond. Today we came to listen to the bullfrogs and look for turtles, which we found. More Gardens photos coming soon.

365 Project – Week 4

August 14, 2014


365_L (22)

Late afternoon light in the living room.


365_A (22)

Akiva is finally starting to have longer alert periods. In less glowing news, the arrival of cradle cap.


365_A (23)

Marion Park with Nainai.


365_L (23)

Sister snuggles in the park. The park trip was a total success thanks to the best big sibling present – bubbles, bouncy balls, chalk and new water bottles. Sometimes we struggle to get out of the apartment and all the way down the block to the closest park, but not this trip.


365_A (24)

If you need someone to fight evil with fashion, Henry is your guy.


365_L (24)

Apparently Talia has incited some baby envy amongst her friends.


365_L (25)

What to say? Sometimes two kids mug for the camera at the exact same moment.


365_A (25)

And on the very same day their brother’s only photo is of a nap on the couch.


365_A (26)

Looking peaceful.


365_L (26)

Lots of affection.


365_L (27)

Beth came all the way to visit from Hawaii! Now if only she was not off to Japan quite so soon … So nice to have visitors who find it totally reasonable to set off for a picnic on the Mall and make it only to the Library of Congress before settling down to eat. And also, if one more person remarked on the small horde of (naturally angelic) children racing around the moving sidewalk in the National Gallery and their tired, pregnant mamas trying to keep up … (Akiva and Linnea were asleep in the stroller, but still folks). Photo by Matt.


365_A (27)

In the jungle with Becky Sue who really, truly loves babies.


365_A (28)

Superhero brothers to the rescue.


365_L (28)

It is always relaxing around our apartment. A combined lesson on knights, legos, and choking hazards.

365 Project – Week 3

July 29, 2014


365_L (15)

No idea why these photos look suspiciously similar to those on day 14. Nobody would ever cheat on their 365 day project on week 3. Way, way too early.


365_A (15)

So many friends told me that their twins ignored each other until close to 5 or 6 months, but Akiva and Linnea are definitely clued in to what the other one is doing. They wake at the same time and start looking for food at the same time, even if it seems that they are often deliberately ignoring each other.


365_L (16)

Just in case this is a temporary phase, it is good to remember that at least for now when the babies are well-fed and in clean diapers you can simply swaddle them and set them down and they put themselves fairly quickly to sleep.


365_A (16)


365_L (17)

Late afternoon nap in the garden.


365_A (17)

Late afternoon nap in the garden.

And where were the big kids? Well, Talia was enjoying a swim in our pool (complete with lavender bubble bath) and Milo was busy washing the car, a task he likes to do several times a week. And a project best done naking, obviously.




365_A (18)

Talking about the wonders of the world.


365_L (18)

Evenings can be a challenge on occasion.


365_A (19)

If you fall asleep early in the evening you are bound to be left in peace …


365_L (19)

… but if you stay awake late into the night chances are you may find yourself drafted into more photos. Camera? Check. Memory card? Check. Baby?


365_A (20)

Nainai came to visit and her favorite thing to do is to hold babies. For hours and hours and hours. They don’t seem to mind.


365_L (20)

On the way to the park.


365_L (21)

A rather formal shot from our walk down to Yards Park.


365_A (21)

All six.

And a few more of Talia and Milo from Yards Parks (and the obligatory stop at Buzz on the walk down):





A few Talia photos

July 29, 2014

Don’t worry, we are not planning to neglect photos of the big kids despite the new photo project. A few recent photos of pensive Talia.



365 Project – Week 2

July 28, 2014


365_A (8)

Grandma and the proud Sandek Michael at the bris.


365_L (8)

Why yes, all four children did wear coordinating outfits made for the naming. It turns out that a bonus two weeks of pregnancy leaves plenty of time for last minute projects. Talia loves her matching dress and has requested “hundreds more.” Milo had to be bribed with lox and fruit to put on his coordinating shirt.


365_A (9)

On a lovely sunny day we set out on a stroll with the stated goal of taking a photo for the birth announcement. Two blocks away we realized it was way too hot and muggy to go for a walk and the nursing mama desperately needed some water, and just as we were about to turn back empty handed we stumbled upon our neighbor’s very lovely stone steps.


365_L (9)

Really, no idea why the neighbors stop to stare at us photographing our babies on the steps.


365_L (10)

The birthing center in NYC strongly discouraged washing babies at birth for a variety of reasons. Obviously we took their message to heart because neither baby was bathed until the ripe age of ten days old. Never fear though, both Talia and Milo were highly enthusiastic to help with the bath which will probably mean far more frequent bathing in the future. You should also note here the “decoration wall” specifically made to welcome the babies home.


365_A (10)

Lounging on the couch in their coordinating French pajamas post-bath.


365_L (11)

Awake and alert.


365_A (11)



365_L (12)

Lazy afternoons in the sun.


365_L (13)

Garfield Park in the late afternoon.


365_A (13)

Enjoying the late afternoon sun.


365_A (14)

Talia and Akiva.


365_L (14)

Talia and Linnea snuggling in bed.


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