We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming

to bring you something entirely unrelated to travel (Henry would like to note his disapproval of the change in subject): Talia’s first solids.

As you can tell, she loves sitting in her high chair (23 euros at Ikea!) and she was in general pretty pleased with being allowed to smash food on the tray.  For her first food we decided to start with the inexpensive and fairly local: spargel! (white asparagus).  She did at one point seem to distinctly get the whole eating thing and proceeded to reach down and gnaw on her dress, but not as much interest in the food itself.  We were however highly impressed with her fine motor skills: Talia picked up a piece of spargel and stuck it up her nose.  Next weekend we’ll add avocado to the menu.  Without further ado, the photographic evidence:











One Response to “We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming”

  1. allie Says:

    GREAT pictures! loved that you gave her asparagus, too! I’m proud of you for jumping right into the self-feeding finger foods! Easier and more fun for Talia, I’m sure.

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