A little hop across the pond

Actually, 1 bus, 3 trains, and 1 tube ride later we found ourselves visiting Christopher in London.  Talia was of course beyond excited to see a new city, as you can tell from this photo:

At last, an English language newspaper:


First brass rubbing! Talia was fascinated until she noticed how cool the lightbulbs in the Victoria and Albert were.

Harrods. No need to say any more. Talia was in heaven and brought home a very nice souvenir.

Just browsing.

Time to make my escape.

I love this photo because Talia is obviously engrossed in the menu while Christopher is trying to distract her. Luckily she managed to order a delicious fish and chips meal and dessert at the Tate Modern.

A lovely coffee with my friend Andrea and her husband Jacques. If I were in NY I would post a photo of the two of us together at Talia's age, but sadly I can't do it from here.

Another day, another museum lunch. British Museum in the new atrium.


Yes, I made Christopher carry both the baby and the backpack. He's awesome like that.

Official 12 month portrait.


4 Responses to “A little hop across the pond”

  1. Yeye and Nainai Says:

    Hi, Talia:
    Happy First Birthday!

  2. the monkey's mama Says:

    beautiful pictures! I cannot believe that she is ONE! oh my!

  3. Hermit Thrush Says:

    Bedknobs And Broomsticks– of course! How many times did we watch that as kids??????

    The photos are fabulous.

    I miss brass rubbings. Those were so much fun. England has so many fun kids toys too– all those little plastic figurines of knights on horses…

  4. Look who came to visit « Talia’s Travel Web Log Says:

    […] us to coffee but she wasn’t quite in the mood to pose for photos so we’ll just have to link to the most recent photo we have of Talia and Andrea together (which I think indicates that she ought to come visit us a good deal more […]

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