The City of Light (with Aunties!)

These photos are from ages ago, but better late than never.

Admiring the stained glass in Sainte Chapelle.

Walking to Notre Dame.

Playing in the leaves.

Aunties in the park!

Fall in the city. Other tourists actually stopped to take photos of Talia - she was that cute playing in the leaves.

Nice painting!

Doing a happy dance when we finally left Musee d'Orsay.

Lunch in the Tuileries.

New park, more leaves.

A little Monet in the late afternoon.

We finally made it to the Tour Eiffel!

Super-giant baby can take on anything - even the Eiffel Tower.

A lovely Parisian cafe. Where Talia knocked over my cappucino. And they kindly brought me another one.

The smiles are because we survived another huge museum.

And Talia had her first french kiss, from a very sweet little French girl.

Monsters in the park!


One Response to “The City of Light (with Aunties!)”

  1. June Levinson Says:

    Hi to you world traverlers,
    Happy 1st Birthday to Miss Talia, I really can’t believe it’s a year. She is BEAUTIFUL and I can tell enjoys having her picture taken. I am sooo happy Karin sent me all therse lovely pictures, I really enjoyed seeing them with all the cute captions. Lookin forward to getting more. Keep well, with love, June. xoxoxo

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