It’s been cold

Really cold.  And you really notice it when you live in a rather drafty 1868 mansion.  Of course, you also get to go play on the canals with a friend:


2 Responses to “It’s been cold”

  1. Nadine Says:

    Are you still stuffing her into that coat? I bet you can’t beat -10 F it was that cold in ME this weekend. We miss you

  2. ashleyc Says:

    hey there! good to hear from you and to see that you and talia are doing well in holland! i mostly use the diaper sprayer because it is new and quite fun (i am sure you will appreciate that as only cloth diaperers would!) on the little one’s diapers…before i got it i did really rinse them out much but i still found that they left stains…they would bleach out when dried in the sun, but it still annoyed me, so this has worked better. anyways, hope you guys are staying warm!

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