This one’s for you, Mike

For those of you who haven’t met him, Mike is a fellow student who has had the great joy of trying to impart knowledge to me about antiquities, which turns out to not be my best subject.  And it seems that Talia shares my love of all things ancient.

Here we are in the Vatican Museum, just about to go into the Sistine Chapel:

And exploring the Roman Forum (the “birthplace of Western Civilization according to our guidebook”):

A little post-snack snooze:

Oh?  You don’t recognize the view, maybe this well help:

Yes, even gladiators put Talia to sleep (this is on the floor of the Coliseum):

Don’t worry, she wasn’t sick.  It’s just that Italians tend to eat dinner starting around 9 pm and when in Rome … we just kept thinking Talia would fall asleep before we sat down to eat, but it turns out that she is way too clever to miss this:

Or this:

Or this:

Or this (by the way, I LOVE this travel high chair):


3 Responses to “This one’s for you, Mike”

  1. Aunt Lynn Says:

    It looks like you’re having so much fun! I loved Rome.

    DoSo tell me about the travel high chair. Do we need one?

    Much love.

  2. Hermit Thrush Says:

    Italy, good food. Looks like a great time. Aren’t infants supposed to sleep more when they are going through a growth spurt? Or is that only babies? Hopefully she’ll make it back there at some point when she’s old enough and awake enough to enjoy more than just the food!

  3. Erin Says:

    This makes it look like we spent most of the trip eating… oh wait, we did… Very cute, as always!

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