Weekend in Paris

We had a bit of a rough weekend in Paris.  Talia came down with a double ear infection, strep and conjunctivitis.  But despite that we did manage to see some lovely playgrounds and a most unexpected museum exhibit.

Last time we were in Sainte Chapelle Talia appreciated the art but was not particularly interested in studying the specific iconography.  This time she was fascinated by the full explanations of the images:

Luckily we brought along a medievalist to clarify the finer points for Talia:

And after all that history, we headed out to do some shopping.  To Printemps, of course:

Talia LOVED this particular cash register:

But after shopping, it was time for a bit more culture … at the Cluny, where Talia yet again focused on reading the museum labels:

First sun in months:

Practicing her climbing skills.  She could use a bit more practice:

A very special exhibit at the Museum of Decorative Arts:


Enjoying the finer points of the exhibit:

There were of course several long dinners filled with scintillating conversation (here Talia is discussing the history of the Malian railway):

And of course lots of park time with Dalyn:

And a final croissant:

Before we headed North again:


2 Responses to “Weekend in Paris”

  1. Shirley Says:

    I hope Talia is feeling better! She looks super professional at her cash register =)

  2. A sad farewell « Talia’s Travel Web Log Says:

    […] fellow graduate student Mike (possibly last seen on the blog in Paris) unfortunately decided to move to Philly.  Even though he has promised to come back to the city […]

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