Official 20 Month Portrait

Here it is, and only a week and a bit late:

And if you’re wondering where we were, we walked across this bridge (while Talia slept, naturally) in order to explore a new playground:

And look at the other bridges to Brooklyn:

And of course in order to enjoy the wide open spaces:

and even some weeds:


2 Responses to “Official 20 Month Portrait”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    That first photo takes my breath away. OMG. Wow. (and I want to steal your camera).

  2. allie Says:

    GORGEOUSLY stunning photos as always. I’m loving her hair!

    In new news, our house was commandeered by our landlords, completely rearranged (illegally) and all things left out were stashed in nooks and crannies throughout the house. Long story. Talia’s little gift being one of the things hidden away. We finally found it (!) and will be shipping it out this week!

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