We went to Durham

and managed to take almost no good photos.  Of course, that is most likely because we were so busy between lunching out, dinner with friends, thrift stores, swimming, etc.

Ian came over for dinner (don’t worry, he brought his parents too).  In this photo Talia has just gotten access to Ian’s socks and is busy trying to get them on while Ian grins at the camera …

And here Ian smiles at the camera again while Talia tests his shoes (for the record, Ian wears a rather larger toddler-sized shoe and Talia is still in 3-month size crib shoes) …

But Talia did at last get  Ian’s shoes on and even managed to walk in them.  Thanks for sharing Ian!

Talia loved the playplace at Southpoint.  What you can’t see in these photos is the time she spent oogling the ‘shoe check bins’ and considering which shoes she’d most like to borrow.

Where’s the baby?

Can’t go to the mall with grandma and skip gelato:


Just lazing around the house:

And of course with a large gathering of long-time Talia’s travel blog readers:

And just before we flew out we saw a rather jet-lagged grandpa.  Luckily he had some incredible toys for Talia, including my stroller:

And excellent indoor climbing equipment:


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