We went away for the weekend and took nary a decent photo

But I’ll still show you the best that we got.

First order of business, bubbles with Aunt Lynn:

Which was obviously a ton of fun:

More bubbles:

Exploring the neighborhood on a beautiful, sunny fall day:

And of course, rearranging the rocks:

Modeling her new seasonally appropriate dress that Lynn and I made:

And on Sunday we headed into Washington, DC to see some friends and enjoy the sights before our train back to NYC.  Of course we visited the Carousel on the mall first and Talia had her first ever ride on a dragon:

The carousel was actually a bit fast for Talia, but she recovered very quickly once it stopped moving and certainly held no grudge against the dragon itself:

Talia did some yoga next to the Apollo 11 in the Museum of Air and Space while Henry looked on a bit bemused:

and then proceeded to sleep through the National Gallery.  She woke up just as we boarded the train and spent a good while making herself and her mini friends comfortable on the train.  She even read them (and everyone else nearby) a story:


One Response to “We went away for the weekend and took nary a decent photo”

  1. allie Says:

    1) you have the MOST adorable daughter EVER. Way too cute. She needs to model.
    2) I love the dress you made!

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