And now back to our regularly scheduled two-week delay … the big Birthday Bash

Talia had one particular request for her birthday: Ballooooooooons.  So when she woke up there were TWO helium ballooooooons and a few of her incredible presents waiting for her in the living room including a little red piano, a one of a kind doll’s cradle complete with new doll, Haba blocks and a quilt.  Several other large toys were kept in our closet to be doled out over the following week.  I would post the video of her discovering this stash except … y’all know that we are not all that technical around here.  So instead here’s a photo of Talia jumping straight to the tough stuff and teaching her new doll to play piano with his toes:

We celebrated Talia’s actual birthday that evening with our neighbors and her friend from daycare.  The big kids were exceedingly kind and demonstrated how to blow out birthday candles for Talia:

And Talia re-discovered the joys of cupcake icing although she was slightly peeved about all the delay with the candles:

The incredible thing about having 3 Big Kids over is the amount of havoc that they can wreck in a very short amount of time.  However, they also do wonders for showing Talia all sorts of new and creative ways to play with her toys and we usually get several very quiet afternoons after a visit from the Big Kids.  Of course, this time they came bearing awesome gifts (new puzzles and the monkey pictured in yesterday’s post):

The Birthday PARTY itself was held on Saturday afternoon.  The invitation called for cupcakes and coloring at 4, and we were very excited to have not only Talia’s daycare buddy, art class buddy, 3 toddlers from our building but also one friend from the far-away borough of Queens come celebrate.  I made 3 types of cupcakes (black bottom, sugar on sugar on sugar – otherwise known as Magnolia Bakery cupcakes, and ginger with lemon frosting) and it’s possible that Talia sampled all of them although I’m quite sure that we thwarted her attempts to reach the Proesseco (luckily Henry and I each went out separately to pick up this item without talking to each other … so we had plenty.  In fact, we still have plenty).  I did not ask all of her friends permission to post photos on our blog, so you will have to imagine the chaos of 6 toddlers and 9 adults in our lovely petite apartment.  Here is Talia yet again thwarted by a musical interlude and candles from getting at the sugar (note the untouched fruit salad):

Just getting started:


(This very same horse belonged to Talia’s mother as a child and can be seen featured on her blog way back in April 2009:


2 Responses to “And now back to our regularly scheduled two-week delay … the big Birthday Bash”

  1. allie Says:

    adorable adorable! i love the party dress!

  2. Karin Says:

    looks like she had a great time. cute dress. did u make it?

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