A long weekend on the Island

We spent Christmas weekend with Henry’s parents and had a very relaxing time.  On Christmas Eve we braved the big mall to browse in Barnes and Noble, visit California Pizza Kitchen, and in general acquire no items which were not consumed by the end of the visit.

Of course, Dada needed coffee to start the day:

But with enough caffeine he was ready to brave the challenge of the train table:

Which was much fun for all:

Of course, we followed family tradition and spent Friday night making dumplings with company:

On Saturday night we were invited over to celebrate with family friends.  They have a real piano, and Talia very much enjoyed both playing and listening to the Big Kids serenade her:

It turns out that our little Jewish girl looks rather good in front of a Christmas tree:

And of course we couldn’t end the evening without reading a “bookie” or two:

Unfortunately our Sunday plans were cut a bit short by the need to get into the city before the big snow.  That also meant that we could not time our train trip for Talia’s naptime like normal, but we still had quite a pleasant ride through the snow:


One Response to “A long weekend on the Island”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Yay for all the new pictures! Looks like you managed to thoroughly enjoy the holidays, without letting that pesky air mattress damped your spirits. Hope to see you soon!

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