Happy new years!

2nd of our annual 3 new years, that is.  And Grandma came to visit!  Of course, we started the weekend off with gelato:

Luckily Talia can multi-task because an important phone call came in from her dada mid-gelato:

Despite Grandma’s aversion to the snow, we had a lovely walk on New Years Day:

We went to the same bookstore for a free new years morning brunch and later in the afternoon to warm up after our stroll through the snow.  Talia got both a new book and a tugboat for the bathtub:

And we read a lot of books:

And visited a museum, of course.  This time the MOMA:

And had lunch with Henry’s friends (there was another baby at lunch but he dashed out before I found my camera):

Lunch was pretty awesome:

And just before she left Talia’s grandma took our New Years Family Photo 2011 (You can compare to 2009 and 2010 here):

An all-round very enjoyable weekend:


One Response to “Happy new years!”

  1. allie Says:

    i loved the picture of all the HLS buds. It makes me wish we were so much closer to y’all.

    Speaking of closer, please move to Atlanta and teach here. Henry can work at McKinsey and I’ll watch your kids while you work. Then we can craft all night. It would be great.

    So much more to write but i realize this is supposed to be a blog post “comment” and not a novella.

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