Architecture Appreciation Class

Really.  We’ve been on a mission to find local, inexpensive activities for Talia now that we can’t go to the park every afternoon.  This spring she will not only go to the Harlem Dance Theater one afternoon a week for dance class, our local bookstore for a 45 minute fingerpainting class (thankfully on someone else’s carpet), but also to architecture appreciation class run very conveniently by the Department of Education inside the largest Cathedral in the United States, which happens to be a mere 5 blocks away from our apartment.

As you can see, Talia loved the class.  Here she is being a particularly unsupportive buttress (hopefully we’ll review this concept next week):

And here she is very seriously creating her own interpretation of a keystone:

And the finished project with mummified baby on the way out the door.  As you can see it was a highly innovative interpretation of the architectural support system:

Next week we’re doing brass rubbings.  Can’t wait!


One Response to “Architecture Appreciation Class”

  1. Karin Says:

    It’s true, there’s so much to do in NY!

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