Newborn photos!

Despite a significant amount of skepticism from Henry, we hired a professional photographer to take newborn photos.  I figured that it’s hard enough to get photos of the four of us together, and even harder when we’re all a bit short on sleep.  If you’d like to see all of them e-mail us for the log-in information, but there are a nice sample up on the photographer’s webpage:

Unfortunately she chose not to post some of the better outtakes, which include a grinning Milo celebrating making the most of his diaper-free time in the middle of our bed … luckily we’d thought to pull out a waterproof pad pre-de-diapering … you may also notice that the baby stayed awake for the entire visit, which presented its own challenges.


3 Responses to “Newborn photos!”

  1. Lesley Says:

    cute I’d love to see the photos. Just saw vidoes for the first time so cute congrats again. lot of love

  2. allie Says:

    aww!!! I LOVE the pictures!

  3. myersbethy Says:

    Okay, I have visited this website no less than 10 times. You and Henry make very adorable children. Milo is beautiful!

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