Same theme, different baby

Subtitled: She’s definitely not a toddler boy.

We’ll call this photo: “Seriously?  You want me to touch a bulldozer?  Exactly what are you thinking?”

“So much better if I can bring my doll stroller into the shot.”

“See?  A baby stroller is just the thing to bring along to a construction site.”

“I will escape from these big machines and pretend that my baby and I are going for a lovely stroll in the city, maybe even window shopping …”

And a few of you may recognize the cradle which Talia slept in for her first few weeks, and which Milo barely fits into already.  His official 1 month weight check is tomorrow morning.


One Response to “Same theme, different baby”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Where’s her glam-gold purse? Geez, shouldn’t she remember to bring that to a construction site, LOL?! Perhaps she needs a glittery hard hat.

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