We had a lovely seder with Art and Shirley (and family) this year:

And while all looks calm and traditional, trust me it was a wild party.  There was break dancing:

A reenactment of the plague of the scary panda (it’s usually 7.5 of 10):

There was a decent amount of pretend napping, although all parties involved stayed awake until 11:30 pm:

A quick check that Milo’s ears were well-attached and he was paying attention:

And then back to the seder and Talia explaining the story of Exodus to the son who is “too little to ask:”

Don’t worry, having prepared a seder perfectly-tailored to the participants Art was supervising the theological content:

And of course we ended the evening by following our family tradition of always taking a nice family photo when we visit other people’s apartments:

Thanks for having us over Art and Shirley, and for letting us steal all of the leftovers to eat all week!


One Response to “Pesach!”

  1. Shirley Says:

    Such cute pictures!!!

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