Maya’s Wedding!

Was gorgeous, and Talia had an incredible time.  She danced the night away until almost 11 pm and was fast asleep before we’d even walked to the subway stop.  Henry actually officiated, but we have no photos from the ceremony itself because both Talia and Milo thought that they might want to add a few words here and there, so we watched from afar.  But the ceremony was in Brooklyn facing Manhattan.  And the view was kind of like this (except swap us for Nate and Maya in a gorgeous strapless white dress):

And since the bride and groom decided to take some artsy urban photos on the walk to the reception, that also gave us time to take a few photos in Dumbo:

Talia got the night started by showing the big girls how to dance:

And she danced and danced:

(Hopefully I’ll have a few more photos to post from the reception soon)


2 Responses to “Maya’s Wedding!”

  1. Erin Says:

    I love this pic of you and Milo! So cute!!

  2. A quick trip to Dumbo « Talia’s Travel Web Log Says:

    […] wedding anniversary and quite possibly our last family trip to the Brooklyn Waterfront (photos here).  Talia was a bit tired after a busy morning, but Milo was pretty excited to see Maya […]

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