So you might have guessed that we went to NC

We made sure to start every day with a healthy, complete breakfast:

Don’t worry, we only nibbled on the little guy and he held up pretty well:

There was a first dentist visit (not captured on camera due to the need to restrain a screaming toddler, and don’t ask why the waiting room couch needed a thorough cleaning), but we did find the floss (???) in the gift bag useful while we waited for lunch:

A third haircut.  Talia is almost getting nonchalant about the process (and we were most thankful that Supercuts in NC is only $10 compared to $25 in the big city given that we try to keep Talia’s haircuts to under 90 seconds, whenever possible):

Not so thrilled despite the bargain-price:

We saw a lot of friends:

Jack and Henry!

Playing nicely with friends:

Whoops, time to put down the camera:

Who me?

And Kate was totally up for the challenge of four babies in a photo:

Lots of Grandpa snuggles:

And lots of Grandma snuggles (note the new ballet shoes):

The highlight of the trip was of course the pool:


One Response to “So you might have guessed that we went to NC”

  1. Erin Says:

    Fun to see NC pics with your parents and Liz! What playplace are you at with Kate?

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