Milo’s first road trip

to Lincoln Street, of course:

Why yes, we did ask just about everybody to pose with the Lincoln Street sign (Lincoln Street only has about 9 houses on it, being one short block long, and happens to be where my grandparents lived):

To the beach!

Just lounging:

Luckily the beach wasn’t too crowded in the evenings:

Hanging out with Aunt Lynn:

And why not one more smiley Milo, who managed to roll from stomach to his back on this day (sadly not captured on video due to the extreme enthusiasim of Talia who kept getting between the camera and the baby):

On a cupcake run the next day:

And then back to the beach:

Milo had a little snooze:

And Talia made sure that he wouldn’t be lonely when he woke up:

The Aunties and Stephanie came to meet us for dinner:

And of course we went to our favorite local restaurant:

And a little less serious:

And on her very first visit to Jake’s:

Milo appreciated the fine selection of fresh fish:

We took a stroll across the street and Milo was a bit puzzled by exactly what he was reading on the bricks:

And there are more:

Don’t worry, we’ll take better photos next visit.


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