Vacation – Part One

Allegedly we took over 700 photos during our 6 day vacation up North.  I expect it will take a couple of days to process and post them.  We started the trip with a naptime drive, a quick mall visit, dinner in Binghamton, and then another little drive to Rochester.  Day 2 commenced with a rather urgent trip to Babies ‘r Us and then it was off to downtown Rochester to visit the George Eastman Museum, of course.

Our arrival with babies in tow:

Wait!  It’s a camera museum.  We should take some photos enroute from the parking lot to the front door:

They had a truly superb children’s room in the museum.  Talia touched a daguerreotype, created visual illusions in a mirror, used a camera obscura and of course practiced her composition skills:

Milo focused primarily on learning about aperture speed, of course:

We looked around the rest of the house quickly:

Took a few photos with the great man himself:

Had a quick lunch in downtown Rochester:

Hopped in the car and what do you know … Canada!

To be continued …


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