Vacation, Part III: Queens Street and a visit with dear friends

Our first morning in Toronto we took a long walk down Queen Street West.  Of course, being New Yorkers we blended right in with the locals.  I mean, doesn’t everybody stop to take a few photos in the antique store window?

At least Talia pulled off the Queen Street West aesthetic.  Here she is waiting at a streetcar stop (a streetcar which we took all of 2 blocks before deciding it was faster to just walk):

And then we were off to the Toronto Islands to meet very dear friends from the Netherlands who now live in Canada (although not Toronto.  It was just luck that brought us both to the same city for the weekend).  Friends who we hadn’t seen in almost a year and a half.  Not that it took Talia and Gabby more than a minute to get back to their old ways:

After all, these three go way back.  Long before Talia could even walk:

(Rotterdam November 2009)

(Rotterdam October 2009)

The type of friends who convince you to leave the quiet shade of the park for a dip into Lake Ontario (Note: Milo’s first lake swim):

And then a certain little girl almost gave us a heart attack by disappearing into an unmarked locker.  But once we realized that the lockers did not automatically lock, there was plenty of fun for all:

Apparently the funny faces also go back a couple of years:

(Rotterdam November 2009)

Look at these two together:

(Leiden October 3rd 2009)

We had a few minutes after our swim for rides at the amusement park.  Thankfully the park was almost empty by the end of the day:

And Talia went on her very first amusement park ride ever without her parents thanks to the support of Ollie.  Which also happens to be her first time on a ride other than a Carousel, since that is the only ride her mama likes (although I have taken her on many, many carousels from the Tuileries to Central Park to the Mall in Washington, DC to the famous Paragon Park Carousel in Hull).  I think she liked it:

We played a bit and then it was time for the ferry back to the mainland before all 4 little people turned into pumpkins.


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