Vacation, Part V: Niagara

But first, a few final photos from our elegant hotel room in Toronto:

Hanging out alone:

The tackle!:

Declaring victory:

Don’t worry, Milo is plotting his next move:

Then it was our usual Sunday morning: brunch, cupcakes, a good, local childrens bookstore to stock up on Canadian classics and after a little drive … Niagara.

The view from our hotel room:

But before we even left the hotel we had to try out the pool.  I think Milo’s expression says it all: “Who thought this was a good idea?”

We thought Talia might be a bit overwhelmed by the falls, but not so much.  When she saw them she immediately asked for her bathing suit.  ‘Cause she was ready to go swimming, of course:

She did like the rainbows though:

We got a bit wet from the mist, but nothing compared to the next morning:


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