Vacation Part VII: Ithaca at Last

Ithaca, at last.  Home of many waterfalls and fine dining establishments, but sadly this visit no aunt or outdoor swimming.  We’ll just have to go back:

Since the price difference was trivial, Henry upgraded us from our usual side-of-the-highway hotel to a “spa.”  We both assumed that a spa would feature a pool and described in detail the fun we would have there to Talia, especially given her recent joy in the rather grimy pool in Niagara (oh, and the fire alarm which rang continuously during our time in the pool).  Sadly, no pool when we checked.  However, the solution to our woes was quite delightful: Cass State Park. We dashed out the door to the hotel and to the lovely outdoor public swimming pool at the state park.  We were all too busy for photos, but you’ll have to imagine a glorious enormous outdoor pool next to a lake with views of the city and a bi-level toddler wadding pool.  At least our “spa” on an old farm had a few nice vistas:

And a giant chessboard:

“Now which move next?”

“I am not exactly sure how you expect me to play when I can’t quite crawl yet.”

At the goldfish pond:

In the morning we promised Talia plenty of opportunities to swim outside.  In natural running water!  With waterfall views!  You can just see where this is going … Buttermilk State Park was closed due to a missing lifeguard, Robert Treman State Park had water quality issues … and on and on.  We did see 5 separate waterfalls, but not so much as wet feet to show for it.  We still had a few nice little hikes:

So after lunch at Moosewood Cafe we headed back to Cass State Park for a good long swim before the drive back to NYC.  And thus concludes our best-documented ever summer 2011 vacation.


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