Just a few weeks ago …

Ms. Rebekah came to visit and I do believe that we promised you twinsies photos as part of the “baby worship” (I’m not sure Matt meant that as the highest compliment).  With no further ado, Milo and Rebekah (and don’t worry, we’ll get to the big kids soon):


“Um, I have to get a good look at you.  Is it possible that we are retro 1960s twins?”

“Ok, this is too embarrassing.  Let’s hope someone spits up at least a little soon so we can get some new outfits.”

“There, there.  These outfits are much better.”

Just lounging around:

And with the mamas:

Playing some music:

Holding hands …

Tugging on each other to roll over …

Such delicious friends!

“What?  She doesn’t even mind and I’m just pre-teething”

The mamas intervene …

The babies plot something or other …

“Nothing going on here.”

Fooled ya!

And in case you’re wondering what it is like to take 5 children and 4 adults out (via public transport, of course) in NYC … well … it can be a bit slow at times …

… and a tight squeeze …

but in about 48 hours we did still manage to visit some of our favorite parks, the Museum of Natural History, eat NYC pizza, the guys went out to a jazz night, visited Absolute Bagels, made it to a show/the Strand/the American Girls doll store and a pasta dinner …

We’ll wrap up that weekend with Milo’s first trip to the Strand.  He very much enjoyed the intellectual environment but was perhaps a tad overwhelmed by the selection:


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