Newport, RI

Since Matt and Beth brought the whole crew to NYC for 48 hours we thought it only fair that we visit them in Newport, RI for 48 hours during their very brief 2 week sojourn on the East coast (although unfortunately Henry had a prior engagement in Denver).  The weekend was truly delightful except for one tragedy … our little camera ran out of batteries.  So what is presented here is a combination of a few shots from our digital point and shoot, a few glorious shots from an old-school disposable camera (love the photo tones, perhaps not so much the 5-moving-children-one-disposable-camera images, and some incredible images sent to us from Matt).

Talia did most of the driving on the way up:

And immediately reignited her love affair with Benjamin, despite insisting on referring to him as “boy” for most of the weekend:

Exhibit A from the weekend prior (photo thanks to Matt):

There was a lot of silliness:

We couldn’t quite handle the crowds in the heat so we decided to drive over to Jamestown for a relaxed dinner when what should we see … the most gorgeous sandy cove.  A beach near Newport!  We were as ever totally unprepared for the expected.

And this is the last photo before the little people stripped and most of the big people simply headed into the water fully clothed for a late afternoon swim:

But there is one final shot of Talia and Milo getting ready to go out to a fancy dinner in Jamestown:

(Sadly what you are missing is a gorgeous walk to a lighthouse, a candlelight dinner, a stroll around the harbor AND a luxurious night in the on-base hotel complete with angry security guards and all.  Although let me assure you it is far easier to get onto one of our fine training naval bases than an airplane nowadays).

The next morning we decided that we were only in town for 2 days, might as well head back to the same delightful beach for an early morning swim.  Of course, we couldn’t let the babies stay in the sun so they lounged in the shade:

This is where the disposable camera excels:

And more fun on the beach:

And of course we couldn’t visit Newport without seeing the famous mansions, although on this particular visit we decided to skip the stuffy indoors and focus on rolling around on the lovely grass and enjoying the view:

Matt takes such lovely photos!

And with that it was back in the car and away on an epic 8 hour traffic-filled journey to the big city.  And just a week later Matt and Beth and 3 babies packed up and drove to Seattle and hopped on a plane to the 50th state.  See ya in Hawaii!


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