A busy weekend with Grandma in the city

Last weekend Grandma finally hopped out of the ‘pewter (computer for those of you out of practice with toddler talk) to visit us.  We made sure to keep her pretty busy.  Just on Friday we:

– took the subway to Fulton Street and went to Imagination Playground

– found the East River Ferry and headed to Brooklyn (Grandma’s first time in Brooklyn)

– found an organic lunch place in Brooklyn Heights

– walked back to Manhattan via the Brooklyn Bridge

– went shopping at our favorite kid’s clothing store near Washington Square Park and then took the train back uptown

Here we are at Imagination Playground at South Street Seaport (for our non-local readers, the renovation of this playground cost over 7 million dollars.  We’re not exactly sure why and that mystery may be part of the appeal which draws kids from across the city to play.  It is however very nice):

The playground was definitely more crowded than our last visit:

Of course, that might just be because it was pouring on our first visit and pleasantly sunny when we took Grandma:

Don’t worry, we also let Milo out to play in the rain on that visit:

So this may not be the traditional iconic shot of baby on the Brooklyn Bridge, but Milo definitely enjoyed the walk and a little stretch time in the middle:

And with Grandma:

And on the subway ride home:

The next morning we surprised Grandma by letting our usual photographer sleep in while we met a professional photographer in Central Park (thanks Groupon).  Too cool:

The serious guy:

Just strolling along:

Watch out monsters, this little girl can ROAR:

We fed ducks:

And of course climbed trees:

And then off in the distance Talia spotted … an amusement park!  And we were off to ride planes and frogs and roller coasters and hot air balloons!

After playing in Central Park and riding ever so many amusement park rides there was only one thing missing from our morning … gelato:

As you might imagine Talia took a good nap when we got back to the apartment.  On Sunday we managed to take very few photos, although Talia’s second cousin once removed (according to google) Evelyn came to visit (Yes, there are 2 Evelyns in this photo):


One Response to “A busy weekend with Grandma in the city”

  1. Shirley Says:

    Talia and Milo are going to have such lovely NYC childhood memories =)

    Grom at 59th Street? Yummmm

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