We interrupt our previously scheduled post to report on Hurricane Irene

This was to be NYC’s first hurricane in decades, and while we were not particularly nervous about life in Manhattan under hurricane force winds, we were a bit worried about being stuck in the apartment for days.  Now the odd thing about this storm is that the mayor shut down public transportation in advance of the storm, so we couldn’t venture very far from our apartment and lots of our favorite rainy day activities like the Children’s Museum and Bookstore were closed all weekend.  So we improvised with …

Ben and Jerry’s (note the rain outside):

Next essential pre-hurricane shopping: flowers, of course:

Most of the neighborhood seemed to be functioning fairly well despite the lack of public transport:

And Henry headed out during a lull in the storm to get a haircut:

But then it looked like our luck had run out as many stores were starting to close up for the day at around 4 pm:

So we headed … to the plagyround:

And Milo went on the swings for the very first time:

And since we had utterly failed to participate in the stockpiling of food for 3-5 days (as per recommendations) and it looked quite likely that we’d be apartment-bound post-storm we ended the day by braving the ferocious rain and wind (see above photo) on the long one-block walk to our local diner for dinner.

We had no idea what the streets would look like or whether anything would be open on Sunday morning, and were thus quite thankful to discover that our very own corner fruit vendor had not only weathered the storm but was already open for business.  Unfortunately the hurricane had caused a run on his wares and Talia had to compromise with an apple snack on the way to brunch (at our local Mexican restaurant, we figured it best to save our meagre stockpiles of food should the situation worsen):

Talia made the most of the wait for a table:

And Milo also enjoyed the restaurant:

And then, at long last, Talia got her chance to do some puddle jumping at the playground:

Cooking at the next playground:

And the Grumbly Man himself at the playground:

In summary, our hurricane experience consisted of warm bagels, ice cream, shopping for flowers, the playground, the local diner, brunch and then another trip to the playground.  And yes, we did cook a real dinner on Sunday night and even did some “making” as per Talia’s request and baked chocolate chip pumpkin muffins.


2 Responses to “We interrupt our previously scheduled post to report on Hurricane Irene”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Ha! Totally darling shot of Milo sticking out his tongue.. and of course, Talia geared up for puddle jumping. Glad you guys are doing well!
    PS But what is this, a non-Flushing haircut for H?!?

  2. Shirley Says:

    Metro Diner! Did you guys go to Noche Mexicana too? Milo is so big and cute!

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