An ode to food

Milo’s first real meal.  6 months, 2 days.

What is this I see, you are actually planning to feed me?:

This should be good:

Seriously?  You don’t want me to eat playdoh or magazines or even dust bunnies but you offer me this stuff?:

I decline:

However, if you let me put both hands into the food …:

I could get used to this.  In fact, I will go ahead and bang my hands excitedly so that the food flies onto the carpet:

We will end with a funny face before I am whisked off to the bath.  Good thing my parents don’t let me wear clothes at the dinner table.  Oh yes, and please note how I managed to get my hand into the bookshelf at the end of the meal.  That book will probably taste very yummy next to my Mama pulls it out to read:


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