Our little guy

has a terrible habit of terrifying his parents by disappearing.  Of course, it’s not that hard to crawl out of sight when you are a little guy who can jam yourself into spaces no one else would even think of hiding in, such as the 3 inches under the wooden chair:

It does not really help that he will go to great distances to find a nice shoe to chew on (yes, we are considering a shoe rack):

Who me?  Play with the shoes?:

Enjoying Talia’s class (it is a delightful class for toddlers with little siblings in tow):

Of course, Milo also enjoys ballet with Talia.  Here he is in his sweats all ready to get started:

And stretching after the warm up:

And right in the middle of the crowd in ballet class last week:

Even our super-active little guy skips a few of the big kid moves:

An early morning photo of Talia and Milo:

And a little friendly wrestling:

Coming up soon: Governor’s Island, a visit to Durham, and Sunday in Bryant Park.


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