New Skills

1. Talia’s incredible ability to predict the weather.  Thus far she has predicted with 100% certainty rain every day since she was gifted her new umbrella at Rosh Hashanah.  Thus far she has a 0% accuracy record.  However, her umbrella is a particularly nice accessory to almost any outfit:

2. From drums to guitar.  Here Milo attempts to eat the guitar …

He likes music class:

3. Charming everyone in Crate and Barrel.  Milo apparently likes to shop (or maybe he just likes high end fabric).  His sales pitch unfortunately is pretty heavy on the drool at the moment:

4. Swinging together (Note the rain boots.  Umbrella also just out of the picture frame):

5. And most terrifying of all: push-ups!  No, really.  Look closely at these photos.  He may yet have potential as a football player:


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