Rosh Hashanah in Durham

Only last month we celebrated Rosh Hashanah in Durham.  We had a busy weekend with plenty of time at synagogue, dinners with friends, visits to the farmers market and plenty of park time … and yet again failed to take more than a handful of photos.  Here are Talia and Milo relaxing with Grandma and Michael:

And keeping busy with Talia’s friend Ian:

Don’t worry, Milo was quite content to snuggle with Dale:

We are not exactly sure if this goodnight kiss was directly a result of Ian’s promise to show Talia around the farmers market the next morning (with cupcakes!) and maybe even teach her how to play t-ball:

It is rather hard to get a good shot of Talia and Ian together because one of them is always in motion.  Here they plot their next business move (after Ian decided that throwing cash at the queuing customers would probably improve customer satisfaction.  And yes, Ian is only 6 months older than Talia):

Talia realized that his cashier experience far surpassed hers and happily delegated all transactions to him while she took a nice snack break:

She wasn’t all that sure about the safety of t-ball:

This land is the site of Ian’s future home.

We also took the kids to Forest Hills park to enjoy the warm weather:

Milo and I snuck out to Francesca’s during Talia’s naptime to see Catherine and her BUMP.  We were a little disappointed not to be able to meet the baby during our visit, but we very much hope that Catherine’s disappearance from e-mail means baby has in fact arrived:

Actually, I was probably more disappointed not to see the baby than Milo.  He was pretty pleased to be the center of attention:

Plus, there were giant frogs!

And of course we saw Grandpa and Dorthe right before we headed back to NYC.  These photos were taken after lunch at our favorite local Indian restaurant.  In fact the only way we could get such a photo was to allow Milo to eat lunch in the buff (he loves Indian food):


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