Everyday snapshots: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Just a few photos from a very busy week.

Tuesday: Matching ties early in the morning:

And with Talia:


And a thankfully brief visit to the Apple store to fix mama’s ‘puter.  Talia is a -huge- fan of the apple store:

Wednesday was a full day at daycare followed by a playdate with Talia’s good friend Corinna.  I spontaneously decided to try out a new art/science project and it worked out rather well, I think.  The girls seemed to enjoy it:

Since Henry is in charge of all scientific explanations around here, I’ll leave it to him to explain the results, but the project is to take a bowl of milk (whole milk apparently works better), put drops of food coloring onto it, and then using a toothpick dipped in “magic solution” (aka dishwashing detergent) to disperse the food coloring on the surface of the milk.  The detergent creates interesting patterns in the food coloring as seen here (please ignore the baby loose under the table):

A close up of the results:

And then when you are done you can always use the milk to paint:

Painting with milk may of course remind you of the need to cook dinner:

And if you start to cook dinner, you’ll probably remember a few ingredients you need to run out and buy and that will probably necessitate hoping on your bike with your baby while being pursued by a ravenous teething little brother …

Thursday morning was busy with a new gym class thanks to the wonders of groupon.  No, it wasn’t just basketball, although Talia did score her first slum dunk thanks to the wonders of stacked mats …

And of course Milo liked the circuits too:

And then Christopher and Huma came over to read us bedtime stories that evening (ok, so they might have thought that they were coming for dinner and to hang out, but what actually happened was that they each took turns reading to a very lucky Talia.  However, I didn’t pull out my camera until later in the evening):


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