We had several halloween events this year.  We went to a pumpkin-carving at the park (recent post), a party with friends, and trick or treating on Broadway.  Talia went to the Halloween party as a dancing witch:

And although she had plans for a dancing side-kick we vetoed that costume at the very last minute (and yes, it was obviously laundry day when these photos were taken are while our apartment is quite lovely there isn’t so much extra storage space around so it can, on occasion, look slightly cluttered):

Speaking of the rapidly escaping dancing sidekick, we are not quite as pleased by his new obsession with doing stairs as he is.  Yes, stairs.  Exhibit A:

Of course all that stair practice pre-party can make a little guy a bit tired:

But he did not miss the entire party (and yes, that hat is the very one I wore for Halloween when I was 3.  We think he pulled it off rather well):

And for those of you wondering exactly how we get about the city, a rare shot of a dancing witch and a witch safely riding the subway during an October snowstorm under the careful watch of our friendly local fireman:

On the 31st itself, a scary/friendly Dinosaur Mama and her good friend Little Red Riding Hood headed out:

We kept it classy by starting at the liquor store:

And a few other local stores.  Talia definitely got the hang of entering a store, roaring, grabbing candy, and then making a quick getaway:

And while the Dinosaur Baby slept through most of the festivities again:

We did get one decent shot of Dinosaur Mama and Dinosaur Baby out together.

I am sure that you have already noticed but Talia was quite clear that she wanted to be a Dinosaur Mama WITH POCKETS this year:

And although a certain someone was critical of the lack of tails (bonus prize for anyone who can name a dinosaur without a tail), at least they had spikes:


One Response to “Halloween”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Kinda hoping they handed out mini-bottles of Bailey’s or Kahlua at the liquor store, ya know, for the “big kids.”

    LOL love that you stopped there!

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