Reading fun

One of Talia’s first phrases was “Read da book.  Read da book” and while her vocabulary has progressed quite a bit “No, no, another last book” her enthusiasm for reading has not waned.  And so it is nice to note that in the past month she has really started to get the idea that books have authors.  And luckily we’ve been able to meet a few of our favorite authors:

Exhibit A:

Tomie dePaolo, author of Strega Nona.

Exhibit B:

Norton Juster, 50th anniversary of the Phantom Tollbooth.  A sold out local book club event for which we were given tickets after establishing a first-name basis relationship with the poor box office manager.  It was incredible, possibly even more so because our Milo slept through the first hour or so of it (and Talia stayed home with her dada).

Exhibit C:

An author I like but we did not have any books by him in our apartment until an exceedingly well-timed new baby present for Milo arrived with “How to Catch a Star” (thanks Mel!)

Waiting for the reading to start at our local bookstore:

A very enthusiastic author who also does his own illustrations:

And look who was right up front:

… for the whole book reading …

Grumbly man was there too:

Oliver Jeffers, author of Lost and Found and the Incredible Book-Eating Boy.


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