Late November in the city

Piano duets:

As you can see, they make a pretty good piano-playing team.  Milo usually takes charge of chewing on the sheet music, which leaves Talia free to compose her own pieces:

Of course, dance:

Milo usually gets a full work-out chasing the bigger kids:

Talia loves the ribbon sticks:

And of course Milo was up for the challenge of chasing down all those ribbons.  He tends to sleep very well after dance class.  I think the large, smooth floor is particularly conducive to his current army crawl:

Enjoying a walk in the West Village:

But even when we’re just hanging out in the living room, Milo finds ways to keep himself busy.  Here he has constructed his own obstacle course and is practicing an over-the-bar climb:

And least we leave our author series incomplete because of the busyness, here is Milo having his board book signed by Melissa Sweet (The very book that Talia and I purchased in London December 2010 to the horror of Christopher, who happens to have rather fussy preferences in the children’s literature genre).  Talia unfortunately slept through the entire book reading:


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