A weekend of festivities

to celebrate the big THIRD birthday.  Talia woke up on Friday morning to BALLOONS (special delivery from a friend.  Thanks Mike!):

And a few gifts from her parents, including this vintage fisher price cash register:

And an entire box of vintage children’s hats (“Hats for everybody as Talia announced”):

We saved the other presents for later because Talia’s mama and dada had to run off to work, and Talia and Milo headed to a day of birthday festivities at daycare.  Party hats!

Competitive cupcake eating!

Four little girls talking together (and 2 babies underfoot, but there were in fact also 6 adults in the apartment.  Still the chaos of 6 kids with too much sugar can be rather impressive):

Jumping on the bed:

Hiding under the covers:

Playing together:

A quick story break:

Milo just hanging out in the chaos:

Then Talia had a playdate on campus with her big kid friends:

And ran into another good friend on campus:

And then we went to synagogue, had a yummy pizza dinner and Talia crashed while her mama and grandma baked a cake for the big party.  To be continued …


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