Karachi, Part I

Subtitled: Has anyone seen my baby?

And yes, for readers who might be wondering, Milo and I did indeed go to Paki.stan for Christmas.  We’re quite sure it’s going to be on the New York Times list of must-see destinations in 2012 so we thought we’d beat the curve.  It is about 20 hours of travel (when all goes well, see below) to get from NYC to Karachi.  A long 12-14 hour flight to Dubai, followed by a brief layover and 1.5 hour flight to Karachi.

The flight attendant manager reassured me that they really aren’t allowed to hold babies.  But then again …

Oh no!  Please don’t fight about Baby Milo.  He will happily hang out in the galley, at least until the next round of microwave pizza is passed around (yes, we heartily endorse Emi.r.ates Air):

Unfortunately we had an extra 6 hours or so in Dubai thanks to a runway problem in Karachi, so the airline treated us to an elegant lunch in a restaurant overlooking the airport (not pictured: the 2 other moms traveling alone with babies on our flight who joined us for lunch):

Milo strikes a pose with the very demure local advertising campaign:

Kept himself decently entertained by playing with his own feet:

And generally declined to nap:

At all …

Next stop: Karachi


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