Karachi Day 2: Party!

The first formal party we attended was a quiet little event hosted by a cousin at her house.  A photo to set the scene.  You may notice that we were the very first guests to arrive … at around 10 pm.  So yes, Milo did stay up until about 2 am every night (and sometimes 4 am), but he also slept in until 2 pm every day.  I didn’t know it was possible to keep a baby on Pakistani Wedding Time, but apparently it is:

Milo very much enjoyed the music and chatted with quite a few of the guests, including here the host:

Huma and Christopher received blessings from their friends (involving henna and scented oils and candy):

The food was all cooked on location (not that Milo got to eat any of it.  Poor man was limited to a wide variety of baby food imported from Whole Foods on 99th Street, applesauce, dried fruit, instant oatmeal, a costco-sized box of cheerios …).  Not pictured here but #1 on my wish list for next hanukkah is a portable nan oven:

Congratulating the bride and hanging out with Deb:

With Christopher, in very weird lighting:

And meeting the bride’s extended family:

“I could get used to this after-midnight dance party idea.”

The first of many awesome photos of Milo dancing with Matt:


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