Karachi Day 3, Qawwali!

As you can see Milo woke up well-rested after the party … at around 2 pm:

We went over to Huma’s house for lunch where Matt introduced Milo to the wonders of the ipad.  Apparently they make apps to keep your cat entertained …

And Milo’s a fan:

He is also a fan of Christopher snuggles:

And then we headed back to Naseem’s apartment to get ready for the party.  You may notice that I wore more make-up this week than I have ever before worn in my life.  I was told it was necessary.  The incredible outfits were all borrowed from the bride’s family, and the jewelry lent by my host.  Luckily Milo had the wardrobe for this wedding even if I didn’t:

A photo to give you a sense of the transformation of the house for the party:

With our host:

Jenny hangs out with Milo (note the joys of the portable nan maker):

And then we settled down to listen to some incredible Qawwali music (performed by a local band):

Meeting our neighbors:

Borrowing their purses:

Sharing a bag of candy:

And discovering that with enough shaking he could get the anise seeds out:

After the music we went back outside:

Playing with Matt:

And as the clock struck 2 we bid our friends goodnight …



One Response to “Karachi Day 3, Qawwali!”

  1. Lesley Says:

    amazing love all your posts

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