Karachi Day 4: Shopping and henna

We reconvened the next day for a late lunch at Huma’s house.  Milo jumped right into the conversation:

This photo cracks me up.  Just saying.  Not exactly how most brides and grooms prepare for a day of entertaining guests:

Traffic is a little different in Karachi:

But Milo was entirely unconcerned:

He also slept through most of our shopping excursion so no photos of that.  However, here’s what we bought (note the bracelets and the classic Montessori pouring practice):

And clean-up, of course:

We gathered at Huma’s house again in the evening for a little henna.  And a beer for the guys:

Milo definitely enjoyed himself:

Has anyone seen the baby?

Or his clothes?

There were three women applying henna at the same time, so it was very social:

He certainly seemed interested in the henna:

But then again there were plenty of people to hang out with:

Another great Matt dance session:

And then we called it a night a little before 2 …


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