Karachi Day 5: A garden party and dancing

We started the day at a lovely garden party hosted by Huma’s aunt.  Milo blended right in, of course:

And got to talk to a lot of friends:

I think these two are going to do a good job come this spring:

Milo spent a lot of time chatting with Kat:

Portable nan maker!

Hot dosas are always good:

These are also quite brilliant.  Donut dough deep fried in the shape of pretzels …

We headed back to Naseem’s for a nice nap and then out for a wild dance party.  Huma’s house had been transformed yet again into an orange extravaganza (Sarah B. – make sure to read that with a Macho accent):

A little Milo snack, imported from NYC which happens to show off my henna quite nicely:

Catching up with Kat again:

Playing pass the baby:

Milo quite liked the marigolds:

Just a little yawn as the clock struck 4:


One Response to “Karachi Day 5: A garden party and dancing”

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    […] out with us circa August 2009 and Milo and the bump spent many happy hours hanging out together in Karachi.  So it seems fitting that when his mama e-mailed to say Charlie would be visiting NYC for the […]

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