Karachi Day 6: The Formal Wedding

You’ll have to trust me that the bride and groom looked even better than their wedding cake since I have not a single photo of Huma:

Christopher before the ceremony:

And then dear readers two unfortunate things happened for this blog: 1. Milo fell asleep on my lap so there are no further photos at the ceremony itself (which was quite small and held at Huma’s house but of course included yummy sweets and traditional soup and tea) and then to make it worse 2. the final dinner was held at a club which did not allow photos.  Absurd, really.  They also did not allow babies in, so Milo spent the evening relaxing in a hotel room upstairs.  Here’s a final photo from the evening of the guests heading out and sneaking in one little shot in the parking lot:

And then we decided to stay up since our flight was at 6 am the next morning.  Jenny, who is a professor after all, encouraged Milo’s appreciation of fine 2 am Pakistani programming and a delicious TV remote:

And then we headed to Karachi airport and back to Long Island via Dubai, a 14 hour flight, and a 1.5 hour drive from the airport to Yeye and Nainais.  Milo napped occasionally in transit, so we were all quite glad to be back on Long Island.


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