More books, and marble painting

Last weekend (see, we are getting caught up here) we met Talia’s good friend Corinna at the New York Public Library.  We had not thought to check the schedule, but just managed to catch the end of a storytime:

These girls loves a good book:

Or maybe just all the open space to play in the library:

… and play …

And miracolously they behaved pretty well for a fancy lunch after the library:

Later in the day we broke out the marble painting:

If you are wondering about the lack of art-in-action photos here, this is a pretty good explanation.  Not only do we do most of our artwork while “naking,” but the project of keeping Milo from nosediving into the mess is a full-time job:

The end result was pretty interesting and I was hoping this project wouldn’t be too messy since it was after all fully contained in a baking tray:

But toddler art is after all about the “process not the product”:

And for us that included not only scraping the paint, but adding in a significant selection of items from her tea set:

Coming soon: adventures of Talia, Milo, the great volcano … and a box of cornstarch.


One Response to “More books, and marble painting”

  1. MES Says:

    Yay! Super cute — always happy to see our girls together 🙂

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