An afternoon in a lovely but little visited neighborhood in the city

Bay Ridge.  It was our first trip to the neighborhood on a freezing cold day and we still found it charming.  Look at these apartment entrances:

Of course, we were there for a Princess Birthday Party (the big 4), so Talia was in heaven.  Big girls, fairy dresses and wands, pizza, and ice cream cake.  Doesn’t get better than this:

The Birthday Girl and her mama:

Look at that grin:

Needless to say Talia was the last princess/fairy left at the table:

These guys got along fabulously, as expected:

Benjamin showed Milo the best places to climb in the apartment:

And Milo tried them out:

Um, yes, these guys are only 3 months apart in age:

But that probably means a growth spurt is just around the corner for Milo:

Talia was very proud of being in charge of the tape on Becca’s birthday present:

Lots of help opening presents:

Happy Birthday Becca!  One final shot of our fairy princess on her way home:


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