Not quite Iowa

Talia has been asking for weeks if we can go to Iowa.  Since we definitely want to encourage her love of travel and adventure, we usually just rely on the rather banal “trips take time to plan” or “we don’t have plane tickets for today.”  So it really didn’t help when last Sunday, while preparing for a playground trip, we decided instead to hop on our local bus to the airport and head to Durham.  Luckily Talia remembered to grab her trusty travel companion:

Such a big girl boarding the plane on her own:

Liz brought us dinner the first night:

AND read bedtime stories:

The kids were pretty excited to wake up to a big house full of things to play with:

We found quite a few fun things to entertain us:

“Who me?  Dump out the snack on the carpet?”  (Don’t worry daddy, we vacuumed before the carpet was rolled up).

Milo wandered off, but Talia took over with the “clean-up”:

We were of course in Durham to help Grandpa with his ouchy back.  Talia did a good job, of course:

While Milo demonstrated how to push the walker all around the kitchen:

And otherwise created mischief.  Look, such a well-behaved boy:

Just playing with his car (foreshadowing: note the placement of the air vent in the foreground of the photo):

No idea how this happened at all:

Because by the time I noticed that, Milo had moved on to this:

There was plenty of time for mysterious baby/toddler sock games:

And birdfeeder watching/interpretive dance:

Backyard picnics:

And vintage fisher price:


Late night Francescas delivery by Liz (thanks!):

And even more snuggles:

Since we never even made it to the grocery store, we had to drag ourselves out to Guglhupf on a gorgeous sunny day:

And Talia not only got to sleepover at Grandma’s but she also got a new penguin (thanks Shira!):

And then it was time to head back to the big city (and a very, very long wait for the bus home):


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