So big

We have a new table arrangement.  Good-bye high chair, hello 2 kids at the table.  Let’s just hope that the 5-point seat belt holds Milo longer than the high chair one did):

Of course, they look a little less grown-up from certain angles.  Good thing our eating area is so well delineated from the living room given the mess (for those of you who haven’t visited our new apartment, the carpet is indeed the edge of the living room.  Also note the lovely exposed brick view … through the window):

Talia loves to play teacher, and Milo is usually a pretty well-behaved student.  If you don’t mind a little mess here and there:

Who is this big girl on the phone (and yes, she does have the coolest dress-up box ever)?

A little fun with salt (turns out it’s the cheapest sand-like substance to be found in the city.  Much, much cheaper than beans, which was our original plan.  Also discourages taste tests):

Milo usually helps with the dinner prep while Talia is doing an art project/playing in her sensory bin:

And speaking of food, this was Talia’s very first experience with jello.  I take no responsibility for the aquatic life floating in the bowl … (Inspiration here:

It is a little hard to tell from the photo, but Talia actually chose to eat Milo’s blueberries over the jello.  I think she still liked it though:

And of course, can’t leave out the dada snuggles:


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