Art, and volcanos

We have replaced our week calendar, which was starting to look a little worse for the wear …

With our most ambitious art project to date.  A mural painted in situ, sans drop cloth or paint tape (yeah, it helps that it’s a rental).  Exhibit A.  Before either Milo or Henry was awake, Talia and I created a forest of “windy trees:”

Exhibit B: Henry and Talia added flowers (the intention here was thumbprint flowers):

And then we added photos to our “family tree:”

If you are wondering where we get our art projects (hi Erin and Margaret!), here are some of our very favorite toddler art blogs:

The Artful Parent

Sew Liberated – Things we do after naptime series

A Childhood List

Modern Parents, Messy Kids

The Crafty Crow

** Edited to add one of my very favorites (and the source of all things light box): Play at Home Mom

And with no further ado, Talia and Milo’s very first volcano:

And since we can’t help bragging a bit, when we told Talia that we were going to make a volcano she said “Oh, like in “When Sophie gets angry” (Caldecott Honor 2000 and a really great book).  Needless to say we were rather stoked that she knew what a volcano was from a literary reference.  Last week she also identified mascara as an item in “Pretty Pru.”

Her trusty assistant:

The duck was 100% Talia’s idea:

And when all the fizzling was done we added a whole box of corn starch … and played for another long while.


3 Responses to “Art, and volcanos”

  1. Erin Says:

    wow, i just love all the projects! i’ll definitely have to check out those sites. and the photo of talia smiling at the duck is my favorite. so candid and happy!

  2. allie Says:

    ack! i’m not on bloggyland a lot anymore but now i want to be just to check out all these cool blogs that you linked to in this post–thanks for them! You are incredibly awesome parents!

  3. Montessori Holidays Says:

    […] our loved ones who are far away during the holiday season. More on this in another post! Wink to Talia’s Travel Blog for the mural […]

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