A cute idea

and cute kids. So it all worked out, but this isn’t exactly what we were going for. Since we had balloons in the apartment, the idea was to set-up something which would look like a hot air balloon. This is as close as we got:

But the only open space in our apartment is around the bed, which made the basket unstable, and the baby/toddler combo were not exactly cooperating … oh well.

Balloons are cool anyway:

And Milo finally has a party trick.  He claps on command in either Chinese or English, or when you sing “if you’re happy and you know it no matter how you finish the verse.”  Very useful for parties.

Next up: Either an even more absurd photo idea, or photos from a morning of running around the NYPL at 42nd Street.  Just as soon as I can get them off of Henry’s computer.



One Response to “A cute idea”

  1. Shirley Says:

    Talia & Milo are so sweet with each other! Love the hot air balloon photo shoot =)

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