You can put him in a tutu

but you can’t get the car/shoe/vacuum cleaner out of his hand.  Here’s our little grumbly man a few days before his birthday.  We are trying to be more cautious with nicknames since Talia apropos of nothing turned to the woman next to her on the subway yesterday and said: “Sometimes we call the baby puppy man.”

Who me?

With flashlight:

And finally being allowed into the sensory bin.  This mix is: 8 parts flour to 1 part baby oil (we used coconut scented and it is divine.  Also a good idea as our couch may never recover) with a healthy sprinkling of glitter:

Some very serious exploration:

Talia has now spent hours and hours playing with this stuff (it’s often called “cloud dough” online and feels like really soft sand).  If we had just one baby in the house this cloud dough would make for very peaceful dinner preparation (our art table is about, oh, 15 inches from the stovetop).  Note that she was too busy to even look up:

And the long-awaited water beads.  Talia carefully rolled them in her hands, while Milo delighted in throwing them and watching them splatter on the floor (and yes, there were in fact 2 adults supervising this activity since they are definitely not ideal for eating):

And hanging out with his buddy mirror baby:


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